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The members of Imbrium Studios found one another in the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan, in 1996. Aric Whelan, Yad M. Mui, Laschita Williams and Tracy Hatchett had come to attend Kendall College of Art and Design, while John-Paul Adams was there to work in the airline industry. Although they did not all arrive in the area at the same time, they all seemed to show up in one place at the right moment to spark into life a dream that had long waited patiently within them all, for while the members of Imbrium Studios are each very different individuals, they have more in common than most families.

Over the course of six years the members of Imbrium Studios, have encountered times both difficult and rewarding. No matter the circumstances, arguments, frustrations, and challenges faced by the people at Imbrium, they have remained true to the idea of creating quality work for the enjoyment of others. Even more impressive, they have remained a closely-knit group of friends, which is a far greater success than any other.

Imbrium's first project, Bad Moon, will soon be followed by Steel Rain, a tabletop tactical game based upon the Japanese Mecha genre. Complimenting these works is a line of original-art T-shirts, a Web Comic based upon the madness that is the Otaku lifestyle.