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[05 Dec 2003|09:44am]
[ mood | bored ]

So does anyone out there speak hungarian? Im in the market for a translator here...


Ps having trouble spelling my own name right now, so any help would be appreciated... mostly the hungarian bit I'll figure out my name eventually

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[05 Dec 2003|09:38am]
So does anyone out there speak hungarian? Im in the market for a translator here...
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Anime Iowa [04 Sep 2003|02:23am]
[ mood | mellow ]

Well, once again our last con was about a week ago. It was over all a pretty good con. There was massive construction between the edge of Chicago and the border of Iowa on I-80. Which blew big time. But once we got to the con it was all smooth from there. We did our panels, it was great seeing everyone there! We got to hang out with Steve Bennett from IronCat again, which was excellent! There was much bussiness talking there. As well we premeired Steel Rain: Tactical, which was very well recevied. Uhmm.. not much else happened truth be told. It was just a nice mellow con. We have a couple pics here from this most excellent place we went to eat at.

Thats about it. Come check us out at our next con! Which will be Anime Weekend Atlanta!
AWA is in Atlanta Georgia, on September 26-28 2003


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You Know Stuff... [04 Jun 2003|02:43am]
[ mood | calm ]

Well, it's been weeks since Anime Central. And our next con is months away. -Anime Iowa on August 22-24 2003- Yet here we are preparing stuff for it. We'll be in the dealers room there, so come see us!

Anyways, on with stuff we are doing. Steel Rain: Tactical will be up for sale on the website as soon as I can fix all the spelling errors from copy pasting and such now that I have it back from John. He had to ship it up from Georgia, where he now works. Of course we will have to send it to print first and get it back so it'll probably be another two months or so. A page will also be put up for sale of our t-shirts and badges. Mind you shipping will be involved since your ordering off a web page, BUT we will hopfully also have these products available at cons.

Thats about it for now, the main page will get an update some time soon. Like when there's more information.


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And There Goes Another One... [20 May 2003|11:19pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Well, there goes another convention. Anime Central was fun! They had quite a few thousand attendees. The trip started on Thursday May 15th. We were packed, we had product, the third issue of our book was done, Steel Rain Tactical was done, and we had new badges and Tshirts! Slowly people began drifting in. Before we knew it everyone was here and our apartment was full to capacity. So it was time to pack up the cars and head out. We were running a tree car convoy! Alas though, I made a wrong turn early on that brought my car half an hour out of my way. The other two cars headed on before me. So back-tracking I went. Now I was an hour behind. Needless to say, my little Saturn performed marvelously and raced to the convention hotel in record time. We made it there only twenty minutes behind.

Thursday night we spent some time hangin out with a couple friends we hadn't seen in a while and chatted the night away. It was good catching up with folks we hadn't seen since the last con. We tried gettin some sleep but it was no use. So we got an early start in the morning as Artist Alley opened. It was a fine convention... but there was something odd.... The registration line kept growing and growing. It just didn't stop! Soon it was out the lobby and down the street! It was an incredible sight! It was pretty much the same all three days, lots of people lots of selling of stuff. We did rather well for ourselves, I think. We had our panels for Photoshop and Lightwave 3-D on Saturday, the room was packed wall to wall. Much information was passed back and forth. And we all had a great time. The Steel Rain demo went extremely well, there needed to be some minor adjustments but all in all everything worked smoothly. On Sunday, we had more panels and a workshop (Inking, Anthropomorphics, and Writing). They all went extremely well. The writing panel was also an extreme success. We had much fun catching up with fans and industry people a like.

Well, an update for the main page and the Third issue of Bad Moon for sale on the page is forthcoming. So thats all for now, Hope you join us at the next con, ANIME IOWA!


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Anime Central [13 May 2003|04:06am]
[ mood | busy ]

Well, it's now two days away from con time. Anime central is basicly our home convention. We started off there and it's an awfully nice convention. Anyways.. lots of projects to finish and things to get concrete before Anime Central. Hope to see lots of people there! Anime Central will be the first time in about four years that the entirety of Imbrium Studios will be together in one place at the same time!!

Fun times!


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dust and rainbows [27 Apr 2003|01:32am]
[ mood | okay ]

" Oh God of dust and rainbows, please
help us to see,
that without the dust the rainbows
would not be..."
--Langston Hughes

In life we have our ups and our downs. I'm glad to say that most of my life fortunately has been up, and the times that were down were times when I had the support to keep me up. Only after I got out on my own was when I began to experience the "ups" of adulthood (bills, late payments, annoying people, etc). It was also then that I began to realize that in the whirlwind of hootenanny that seemed to constantly dizzy me, I began to lose something very precious to me...my happiness. There was a time where I would bounce around ( literally--ask my friends) with a smile permanently plastered on my face, but for some reason or another, that had faded. I didn't know how much I missed it until I received a phone call at work on Friday from my sister announcing that she's pregnant with her first child.
Maybe it was realization that again our family is expanding, or that this is her and her hubby's first kid, or the combination of the two plus more, but at that moment I felt a happiness I hadn't felt in a long time. I squealed (yes, squealed) into the phone as I talked to her and congratulated her, and even almost broke into tears. Even after I finished the conversation, I was bubbly to the point of giddiness.
Now I should be used to this--I have 13 nieces and nephews from 6 brothers and sisters. But this time, it seems different. I thought about my other runts (as I call them ), and began to get my smile back. Maybe I'm learning to appreciate life a bit more in spite of the crap that happens. Whatever it may be, it gave me back something that I'd been looking for, and I'm going to owe this kid ( and my other runts) a big thanks when he/she makes his/her appearance into this world.
Be happy, people. Monkeys are funnier when you're happy.

A bright and shiny day happens after the rain,
so when you hear thunder, get ready for a change.

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It's April WHAT THE HELL!?! [07 Apr 2003|08:51pm]
[ mood | cold ]

Ok, so it's Arpil and it should be Spring outside. there should be nice weather and open patio doors for the fresh air to come in. right?? RIGHT?!? So how come this past weekend here in Michigan, there was an ice storm? Yes a frickin Ice storm! One that froze everything in at least a quarter inch of ice! And if that wasn't bad enough the wind came in cracking and breaking the frozen brittle trees, taking power lines down with them. So entire sections of the city were without power for three to four days. Man that sucks. It was cold and there was not hot water or heat. We had to stay at a hotel for a couple days it was so cold. Now there's snow on the ground again. Geez, Michigan sucks.... But now power's been restored and we're back to bussiness as usual here in the art studio I call an apartment.


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Monkey... GO, KILL! [30 Mar 2003|05:50am]
[ mood | predatory ]

is a
Gravel-Eating Fez MonkeyMing
...with a Battle Rating of 5.6
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Ahhhh... [26 Mar 2003|05:42am]
[ mood | satisfied ]

Another project down and gonna be on it's way. It feels good to be doing something. And being up ate at night too. It's aways fun. Anyways.. seems the world haas been at war for some time now. Our side's doing pretty good. Casuties are bad of course, but not as bad as Their side. Personaly, I think this was needed. After all what would you do if someone continuay kicks you in the balls over and over again? Kick back of course!

But I'm sure there are enough people ranting about that stuff on these here journals.

Warning rant ahead (a the folowing text is one person blowing off steam and it should ONLY be taken as such):

I just recenty ran across some one using my artwork on their web site. Now, mind you I would greatly perfer if you ask first, if anyone has the inclination to want to use my art. BUT most importantly give recignition where it is due! These people were using my stuff without even aknowlegding it was mine! Now that's just bad... THey were swift in taking it down however and that is good. But then someone ese in their little group writes to me and tells me they had al the right in the word to use it! Now this pisses me off! How is it that they have the right to use my artwork, without my permission, and not even say that it's mine!! A part of me wanted to sue their ass off... (which I could have since I own the copyrights and originas) but that's not nice so I let it go. Geez, it pisses me off though... We time to bed now... work is done and the sun sha rise soon.


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Stuff [21 Mar 2003|11:26pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

Ahh... as it says in the update, we been a bit busy trying to survive and making a living. Which tends to delay stuff to be made for you great people out there to buy and enjoy. But things will get done soon enough. We're slated for four panels at Anime Central this year. We're gonna be doing a pair on cutting corners wih digital media such as Lightwave 3-D and Photoshop. We'll be doing our Inking workshop there again as well, which is always fun. This year there's gonna be a small charge to it cause we're bringing our own stuff to make sure there's enough supplies to go around. Our resident female is gonna be doing her anthropomorphic panel as well, which is always fun. There will also be a new one being added to our panel line up being writing original stories with our resident writer John Paul! Hopfully many of you will join us for these entertaining events at Anime Central. Yeah I know it's still two months off, but it's our next convention so we gotta hype it up a bit. There'll be demos of Steel Rain: Tactical being run in the game room as well.

Soo, anyways, we're at war... yeah.


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When it snows it... uhm yeah... [18 Mar 2003|07:06pm]
[ mood | cold ]

Well I guess its about time for me to put one up too....

Well last year when winter came around they were saying we needed five feet of snow just to get back to normal. So I figured that probably wasnt gonna happen. then yesterday they said. to expect 2-4 inches plus another 8 possible on tomorrow... well it started to snow.... and it snowed and snowed and then when you though it couldn't possibly snow any more it did. As amatter of fact its snowing right now as I...uhm... type. Let me tell you... you know the 12 possible inches of snow I was talking about by wednesday? ...well we reached that before noon... and now there is another 12 to keep it company... I'm starting to wonder if i'll be able to find my car or even get out of the house in the morning. And get this... They wanted me to come in to work today... Sure guys you come and shovel my street and all the ones between here and work and maybe I will... NOT!!!

Anyway... all thats new is nothing, everything, life, the universe, the number 42 the letter L and the fact that all of it is brought to you by the Children's Television Network...

Whats not new? Not enough pay. Cats are not as smart as they pretend to be. Bush is a moron, ten cows can make enough methane to power a house for a year, ...And Sheeta is a nutcase. Not your normal every day nutcase... But an exceptional, over the top, world class, award winning, undesputed nutcase champion of the world type nut.

Well, until next time I'll see ya in the funny papers...


P.S. All Hail!! Sheeta Queen of the NUTZ Peoples!!!

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One more thing... [12 Mar 2003|12:10am]
[ mood | amused ]

FIGNUTS!!!!!! Ha ha! Made you look!!

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One more thing... [12 Mar 2003|12:08am]
[ mood | amused ]

FIGNUTS!!!!!! Ha ha! Made you look!!

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Just checkin' in... [11 Mar 2003|11:35pm]
[ mood | sore ]

We at Imbrium Studios would like to apologize for the abscence of naked girls...wait...Yad, stop typing for me, danggit!
Restart...yeah we haven't updated much of anything as of late. We're sorry for that, and for those who have been visiting our sites looking for new stuff, we are sorry for the delay. We've all been legitimately very busy latey, and things have been wacka-doo for us all. Aside from tiredness and jobs and crap in general, we're all pretty good. This is my first post of the year--I meant to do a Christmas/New Year's post, but...oops. Since I didn't get a chance to do that for the new year, here's a short overview of what I found out during my Christams vacation:
Samurai Jack is freakin' awesome (we don't have cable here)
I'd rather have menstrual cramps than watch Dragonball Z.
Yu-gi-oh needs to have a giant phallus shoved up his arse.
Hamtaro...hee hee, that's TOO easy...
Anyways, I'm not a pessimist if I happen to sound like one...I'm just zoned out on medicine for cramps, and figured since I'm seeing flying monkeys, I might as well write.*
Well, good night, sweet prince. Catch you all on the flip side.

*Note: For those of you who do not know, Sheeta is HYPER-sensitive to medications. She gets sleepy from over-the-counter meds.

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Reocvering [14 Jan 2003|03:56pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

Well we made it to and back from Ohayocon. It was quite the long drive. But fun none the less. On to the basic rundown of everything we did. we took off from Grand Rapids, Michigan at around 8:30pm. Arriving in Columbus Ohio at midnight, it's fun driving at 90 down the highway, we pulled onto the local streets to see a rather immensley fancy hotel right before us. It was the Hilton. This place was HUGE! Had to be at least four stars, at least. Well we pulled in and got our room. It was kinda neat, first convention ever we were guests at. Ok, well technicly we had guest badges at Anime Iowa as well, but we weren't "mentioned in the program" guests. We got our badges set and headed in for the evening. After hanging out in the green room till we were kicked out, there was much History channel watching, I passed out around 4am or so only to pop back awake at 6am. I wake to find Aric hadn't slept a wink and wasn't going to for a while. Soooo.. we end up stumbling up and out the door on a hunt for food. To our surprise, the conssier suite (which is a special room on the seventh floor) was a place for people on the sixth and seventh floors to get free continental breakfast. And here we were thinking of trudging out in the cold. Meeting some staff members eating as well, we figured things were opening up and went down stairs to set up. Basicly being the first booth open in the entire place. It was fun talking to people in the short time I was able to sit on Friday. We were taken to Opening cerimonies, where I felt rather out of place, as when were where up on stage the only people who knew us where the other guests. Opening cerimonies just dragged like all hell. It stared 45minutes late, which mind you it's a convention, so thats not bad. The bad part was that the let people in while they where still setting up. The entire skit that they had desgined for opening cerimonies was dependent on the attendees not knowing what was being set up... ahh well. Anywho, from there it was off to my inking workshop. Aric was out of it so it was up to me and John, our writer, to teach the people about tracing... er inking. There really wasn't many people there. We had fun with those people who did show up though... and for shame on those of you who didn't... for SHAAAAAME. Afterwards, I got an hour break to sit at the table as Laschita went to do the anthropomorphic panel. Then it was off to the web comic panel with the Megatokyo guys. While it was fun, we felt kinda outa place, since our web comic has more scripts than comics. We were basicly plugged in there on a fluke. It was not one of the panels we were supposed to do. But once that was over, the day was drawing to a close and people were packing up. It was time to wind down with some mild drinks in the green room and chat it up with some of the other guest like people. Hung around with some old freinds and attended Uncensored Guests panel, as well as checked out Anime Hell. John and Aric went about chatting it up with attendees and playing a bit of Steel Rain, our Nigh-completed Tactical/RPG.

Saturday started off with us gathering our wits and heading down at 10am. We meeted , greeted and sold stuff to people for most of the day. Our Photoshop panel, at 6pm, played to a full house. Unfortunatley, someone forgot to put a projector in there for us to hook our computer up to. So, we entertained the attendees for fourty-five minutes till we got a projector. (BTW Thankyou Rayn Gavigan for getting that to us) It was rather interesting using black squares, pens and shadow puppets while explaining Photoshop. Once we had everything set up, we went for another hour or so past when we were supposed to. More fun was had by all. Once our group was regathered in our room, we went off to get dinner at the Chinese place across the street. PF Chang's I think... But anyway, it had excellent food there! I ended up at the Anime 54 party that was held be Jan Scott Frasier in honor of his 100th convention. It was quite the party, with everyone having a good time.

Sunday saw me groggily drudging out of bed at 9am to get to a 10am panel. Let me tell ya, a 10am panel on a Sunday morning is THEE worse thing in the world at a convention. Lucky for me, it was Light Wave and my partner Aric did most of the talking on that one. Well sunday went by quick and we closed shop at 4pm or so for lack of fans. Had a good meal at the Johnny Rockets across the street and said good bye to our writer. The night brough some winding down and hanging out as usual.

Monday morning, we had lunch with Bob and Em Dejesus, Jan Scott Frasier, and some other guests. We were gonna hang out some more with them after lunch, but our cars got separated by a traffic light and we didn't see them at Virgin Records Megastore where they had said the were gonna be, so we decided to head home. (Sorry for not saying good bye guys!)

Anyways, that was my weekend, now on to preparing for the next convention, ANIME CENTRAL!!!


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Christmas Eve [25 Dec 2002|12:51am]
[ mood | mellow ]

Well, Merry Christmas everyone!! I was just reading the previous post and realized it sounded like we were gonna be trying to produce the exact image on our main page... Well, thats a bit misleading. What it is, is that we have a black and silver version of the desgin that we are planning oon screen printing once we get the money to do it.


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Holidays... [23 Dec 2002|01:58am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Ahh the holidays... shopping snow and the eventual visit home to family. Personally I hate the "Holiday Music" that is out there these days. I can stomach the classic orcistrated stuff and the choir stuff is quite good, but the new stuff is pretty shitty. But then again holidays is about family isn't it? It's about taking a day off to head home and away from the daily grind. Personally i can't stand the mass shopping that people do for this time of the year. Drives me crazy. I much perfer the atmosphere of closeness and comrodery that comes woth teh season and time of year. But hey, I wont begrudge anyone their love of shopping, I'm just sayin its not my thing.

And as the times draws closer to January, our work load intensifies as we try to get projects done to become products at OhayoCon. Bad Moon #3 draw ever closer to completion as does Steel Rain. Over the past weekend we have done more work on these projects than I thought humanly possable. But it was needed if we're going to have ANYTHING new at Ohayocon. We havn't the money at this time to do a new t-shirt run. However if 75 people email me of their promise to buy preorders at Ohayocon of the Brandy Wine desgin that we have up on the main site, we'll hold preorders at Ohayocon and ship the shirts out to you. Best I can do right now.


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Postin postin postin.... [15 Dec 2002|05:25am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Man, I go on a trip to Midland Mi for a day and I spend all night catching up on posting on message boards... Thats kinda crazy eh? Well it's been a long night of posting on boards and emailing people. Steel Rain: Tactical is now nearing completion and Bad Moon #3 is gaining steam as we rush headlong toward our deadline. Which is of course Ohayocon 2003! Geez another year and a brand new convention season.... I havn't been able to contact the guest relations person to confirm that I have a room reserved for me. I hope there is or else my groups gonna be mucho pissed off. After all you don't ask a group to come out to a convention and then have nowhere for them to stay. But hey, I'm sure it's all set and everything will work out for the best.

Our T-Shirt guy kinda went under, so the promised T-shirts are in doubt. I know people were looking forward to them, but we just don't have the money to get them printed right now unless someone knows of a reliable cheap screen printer. I mean I checked on t-shirts.com and they had some excellent price per shirt, but the bulk rate of 72 shirts would run us upwards of $600 and we don't have that right now. Especially if we want to be bringing out BadMoon #3 and Steel Rain: Tactical at Ohayocon.... *sigh* all things take so much money....


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Speaking of jobs... [10 Dec 2002|07:07pm]
[ mood | cynical ]

Man Someone is a moron at my UA job....

I was scheduled to work at 9:15am so I show up and start to get everything ready for the days business... only to find out that the first movie starts at 11 am and the doors wont open until 10:50...

Now why you ask is this moronic? well I dont have keys for anything so I have to ask someone to open everything. I was in an hour before the supervisor who has the key arrived and scheduled that way, and lastly it only takes aboput 45 minutes to get everything ready...

You do the math...


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